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Swimming and bay of St Antoni de Calonge

Beach at Sant Antoni de Calonge looking to Torre Valentina with artifical reef Sant Antoni de Calonge sits next door to, and is sometimes confused with, Palamos as the long sand beach links the fishing port at Palamos around the bay to the hotel and rocks at Torre Valentina.

Although there is a traditional old heart to St Antoni, in the main the town consists of more modern apartment blocks, hotels and terraces of houses that line up 4-5 rows deep from the beach back to the main road that connects Palamos to Platja d'Aro.

The town has other areas and links to Calonge and villa estates and campsites above Torre Valentina but it has the feeling of a faintly underused purpose-built holiday area that lacks a little in character or pizzazz.

The beach area consists of a number of artificial bays protected by groynes of rocks to keep the sand from being washed away. If you're familiar with the beaches in Barcelona, this area has a very similar feel and quality.

At the back of the beach is a long promenade that would take you all the way to Palamos or round to Torre Valentina. The promenade has been recently done up (2019) and is good for a stroll. Though there are a few smaller hotels, the area is mainly residential and quiet, with a selection of bars, shops and restaurants looking out to sea.

The beaches with protection running parallel to the beach form a number of small and very sheltered bays. Some are used for mooring boats in addition to sunbathing, and because of the protection, the water keeps warmer than the open sea, and the sand shelves gently making it family friendly for smaller children.

Unfortunately that doesn't get round the artificial feel. If it was a city and the only beach it would be OK, but with so many other better Costa Brava beaches nearby, there's not really a reason to use this one.

Facilities at the beaches

The beaches have lifeguard stations and in places on the promenade at the back there are occasional shops and bars. Recently they've added a floating obstacle course (think Wipeout) for children in one of the bays.

Swimming areas are marked out with buoys. The beaches with long groynes reaching out to the sea are more open and feel more natural, with fresher water and more chance of waves.

The beaches behind the parallel rocks are warmer and more sheltered by feel much more artificial.

Beach at Sant Antoni de Calonge looking around the bay to Palamos

Sand quality

Sand quality varies along the beach. In parts it feels fine, in other areas it is grainy and stony.

If you do use the beach, walk along the sand to find the best areas. Even in the parts that are stony, the area at the water's edge can still have softer sand.


The only positive benefit for swimming was the possibility of warmer water earlier or later in the season.

The bays have a sandy bottom and the odd fish can be seen, but it feels very man-made.

If you are in the direct local area, swimming across the small bays would be good exercise, but nothing to really get excited about.


There is parking at the back of Sant Antoni closer to the main road.


This is an area for pleasant passeo from Palamos to Torre Valentina rather than a mainstream walk.

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