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The miradors of Tamariu

Anyone reads our walks closely will notice that there are one or two gaps along the GR92 long distance path that we haven't written up or in a couple of places still haven't walked. One of the gaps is between Tamariu and Aiguablava, which you would expect to be very pretty, but the actual marked GR92 route is a little bit bland - a little bit of road, then a track through woods and then down to Aiguablava.

View to Fornells and Begur Despite having been here and walking for several years now, we hadn't found a good alternative until recently, when, by chance, we discovered that one of the no-through roads in the estates around Aigua Xelida led to two miradors - the Mirador of Aigua Xelida and the Mirador d'En Gispert - both relatively high on cliffs. We also have another three mirador points in roughly the same area - high points with great views to Aiguablava, Fornells and Begur, or out to the cliffs and islands around Aigua Xelida.

So the aim of this walk is to link the miradors. We did is as a circular walk including the GR92 stretch, but it can be extended all the way into Tamariu village.

Access to mirador dEn Gispert Our starting and parking point was just outside Tamariu by La Pineda Rostisseria. From here we follow the GR92 along the road, until the road turns into track and then follow the signposted path into the woods. This continues gently upwards emerging at the road that runs down to Aiguablava.

However, just before this road, you can take a track at the back of the houses on the hill at get to a broad vista point from the top. This track ends in a deadend, so the next stretch is to take the Aiguablava road up the hill to the estate and into the villas on the hillside above Aiguablava.

Just as the road for cars turns to the right, there is the second marked viewpoint looking down the coast over the parador towards Begur.

Instead of following the car route, we do a loop around the top where there are more views through the gaps in the houses.

View towards Far de San Sebastian Llafranc Then we catch the car route down the hill to the next left hand junction - marked as a no-through road with a large modern stone house on the corner. All around this estate the houses and villas feel huge and luxurious - several with elevators linking a garage to the house above.

After a few hundred metres the road meets the edge over the sea at the Mirador d'Aiguablava with the cove of Aiguablava below and houses perched on cliffs tops to the left. There is a marked pathway down to the right that we will come back to, but first we continue to the end of the road.

This takes us to a sign that says Mirador d'En Gispert and a path that looks like its going into someone's garden. However, the path is segregated off and leads up to a viewing platform above the cliffs looking towards the steep sides of Cala Tramadiu. The viewpoint is above cliffs and relatively vertical so it isn't suitable for those who dislike heights.

Mirador d We now head back to the lower mirador and follow the track down into the woods where it emerges at the back of Aigua Xelida - a route we've explored before. My memory is that we didn't see this path a few years ago, so it's possible that it is now better marked, or renovated.

Our route takes us around the coves and bay of Aigua Xelida crossing the hill at the back of the small exquisite beach and to the steps that run around the back of the holiday estate houses, again running up the side of the cliffs.

Punta des Banc Aigua Xelida At the top we get the fifth of the miradors for the day, with views over the Punta des Banc finger of rock glinting in the setting sun.

We could continue around for more of the coast, and then connect to Tamariu, but instead we shorten the route via the road coming out of the estate and down the steep broad road back to the car.

Although there is a reasonable amount of walking on the road, and stairs and ups and downs in amongst villas and estate houses, the views are spectacular in places, so it makes an interesting alternative to the marked GR92 route.

Tamariu Miradors walking route

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